Harayana on the path of Growth

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Under the government of Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda Haryana becomes the hub of Special Economic Zones. Haryana has opted for the SEZ route to industrialization and faster growth. Under the Haryana State Special Economic Zone Act-2005, enacted by the Hooda Government, developers of SEZs are given relaxation in state-level taxes and duties. Besides providing conducive environment for growth, SEZs will offer industry global standard infrastructure facilities like airports, railway lines, roads, electricity, schools, hospitals, banks, shopping malls and parks. What's more, entrepreneurs are provided with tax-free enclave, globally competitive surroundings and status of foreign territory for purposes of trade. They are also offered sops like smooth transportation facilities, easy access to domestic and international markets and permission of excisefree receipt of raw materials from domestic levy zones. There can't be better evidence of pro-industrial climate sweeping the state than the fact that Haryana accounts for the largest number of SEZs in the country. It has received proposals for setting up 68 SEZs. Out of these, the Central Government has given clearance to 49 to be set up in various parts of the state. These will bring in investment of the order of Rs 1,75,000 crore in developments of infrastructure facilities and attract industrial investment worth crores of rupees. Besides changing the face of industrial growth, SEZs will seek to redefine the very lifestyle and living standards of the populace of the state.