With the recent growth seen in the Real Estate Sector in India, everyone is getting attracted towards it. First the Morgan - Stanley Deal in which they invested $150 million in Oberoi Constructions to get a 10.75% stake, making it the biggest deal in the construction space. After that it is seen that Ambani Brothers are on the Real Estate Pie hunt in India. Indian real estate sector has also drawn considerable interests from the Ambani brothers – Mukesh and Anil, who are now showing their inclination towards private equity funds.

Now in this race the latest contender is the TATA Groups. They jumped in the league with a huge amount of Rs 4500 crore. The name of Tata’s newly created company is Tata Realty and Infrastructure, which will make investments in various infrastructure and development projects. The arm is known to have modeled on the lines of Kishore Biyani, promoted Future Group’s Kshitij, says a source familiar with the plan, who did not wish to be identified.
Bomaby House, the group’s headquarter is working on the plans for its new business. As per the changing face of construction and development industry in India, the group is likely to bet big in Indian real estate this time.


  1. Anonymous // 11:17 PM  

    I like your blog. Indian real estate is heating up big time no doubt. Much of it is speculation, but the majority is demand-driven. This is great for investors as there maybe a correction, but ultimately if you hold a few years you'll make money. I highly recommend Pune as many Mumbai investors are cashing out and moving to Mumbai into larger accomodations and pocketing a hefty sum to boot.

    Dax Desai

  2. Information Junkie // 2:40 PM  

    Mumbai real estate prices are still rising. However, the rise is tapering. There is new glut of land in the prime south Mumbai area as a result of closed cotton mills.

    link here.