India and UAE are the two countries that are growing rapidly in terms of real estate. Both the countries are seeing great potential and the developers across the world are trying to grab a place in this countries. Both, the property developers of India and UAE are trying to enter into each other's domain. In India sternon groups are making waves which is a UAE based group. Sternon groups are making huge investments in India. While Indian developers like Sheth and Nahar Group are seeking presence in Dubai. Sternon Groups has presence in 28 countries and they are still expanding. They made entry in India with a 1200 crore mega project near new proposed International Airport of Mumbai.

Sheth Estate is pumping 1.5 billion Dirhams in the Dubai Realty Sector. While the Nahar Group based in Mumbai, opened a office in Dubai to serve the NRI's better. This will further lead in the increase in clientele of the company.The Dubai office, besides catering to the customers in the Middle East, will also target the growing interest of NRIs based in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and United States in Nahar's Amrit Shakti project near Powai in Mumbai.

This simply shows that the developers of both the countries are trying to capture each others market. As these are the two countries which are tremondously growing in terms of Economy.