NRI's Investing in India

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Non-residents Indians [NRIs] have recently begun to show immense interest in the real estate market of India. A lot of NRI funds are coming to India, through various channels, to be invested in the real estate industry, as these NRIs want make the most of the opportunities offered by the growing real estate market in India.
We cannot ignore the important aspect of India's government in promoting real estate. The Indian government has played a major role in supporting the growth of the real estate sector by allowing NRI investment and Foreign Direct Investment [FDI] in real estate. With an exceptionally good return on the investment, the real estate sector has become the preferred choice of most of the investors.
Various lucrative avenues are being created and offered to invite maximum investments from abroad. The NRI section has responded quite positively, showing keen interest in India's real estate market. NRIs are investing a lot in residential and commercial properties to cash upon the increasing property demands.